Meet Blamo

Here's a little sneak peek into my Thesis.


  1. Hey Sam, this character looks awesome. I'm definitely rooting for you to get this exact look in CG. Can't wait to see it.

    On your lip sync, great timing on "5 seconds, that had to be 5 seconds." I don't know if you're up for any revisions, but I feel like you could have gotten a bit more body movement into him while he's playing with the can--in the neck, shoulders, cog. But it's a really nice animation. Any internship luck?

  2. Hey Brett!

    Thanks for the crit, I am def going to be revisiting that animation for my portfolio this summer. As for internships, I did not apply to any this summer I am going to use the time to work on thesis and fix up all my previous work. Hope all is going well for you. You should consider making yourself in 3D. It was by far the best project we have had.