So its been almost a month since summer started and I am due for an update. My plans for the summer are to just go through the entire character to animation process again before school starts to practice and improve. I decided to make Hogarth from The Iron Giant. One of my favorite movies. If you haven't seen it then go watch it now, and if you already have watch it again! I want to at least animate him in a walk cycle. I am also posting some of my references that I went through. Hopefully next time I post I will be able to show an animation.

I am considering modeling out his camera, but for right now I am all modeled out. I'm excited to finally move on. It was nice to be able to do all this on my own schedule and to take my time too. More to come later.

-Working Hard-



  1. wow Sam! That is really really awesome! Great to see you're staying fresh with CA :) This is inspirational!

  2. This is really nice! You definitely kept the appeal!

  3. Hey Sam, nice modeling. You nailed his face. It's cool to see you followed through too! I posted a turnaround of my character (Mr. Toad!) on my blog here: http://brettwharton.blogspot.com/
    Hope you're having a great summer. At least it's been productive!

  4. The final looks awesome! How far have you gotten with it? animating yet? hehe

  5. I definitely want to see when you finish:)...

    Let me know!