Junior Year!

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Ok, I am way over due for a post. Sorry about the delay. Junior Year is busy busy. I love it hundred times more then Sophomore Year. Seems the harder it gets the more I enjoy it haha. All my teachers are great and I am lucky to have them. I am currently in the beginning of my Push Pull Natural Animation. I have also designed myself for my Lip Sync next semester.

Thank you to everyone who helpped with my design and my push pull design! I really think I captured myself, so that is always exciting.

(Push Pull Character, No name yet, any ideas?)
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I am also posting some of my Silhouettes from in the beginning of the year. I really do enjoy doing them, I love to scribble.

(Silhouettes, click to enlarge)

Its already almost the end of October. Time flies when all you do is eat, sleep, work, rinse and repeat. Especially combined with Florida weather. I guess thats all for now, at least that I can think of at the moment. Just figured it would be a good way to take a break from working at 6am. :) In about an hour I am off to my morning run to the ocean. Great way to start the day! It might be a while before my next post so I hope this tides you over till then.